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If your quesiton isn't answered below, please contact us!

How should I prepare for my first treatment?


After you schedule, you should receive two documents via email. One is an intake form, and one a welcome letter. Please fill out the intake form before your appointment, it should take less than 5 minutes! The welcome letter will have contact info for your massage therapist, and some info about where to park and how to find our suite.


Do I have to be completely disrobed?

Regardless of what kind of massage you are receiving, you should feel comfortable while on the massage table. You may disrobe to your comfort level. Whatever you leave on, your massage therapist will work around. If you prefer to not disrobe at all, consider a Thai massage or reflexology.


I have a complicated medical history, can massage still help me?


We are almost always able to find a way to make massage a part of your treatment plan, regardless of your medical history. We work with clients who have diabetes, parkinson's, autism, rheumatoid arthritis, dupuytren's, etc. We also have experience with clients who have had numerous orthopedic surgeries such as spinal fusions, knee replacements, and rotator cuff surgeries. If we feel like bodywork is not a good fit, we will be completely transparent and discuss it with you.

What should I expect from my first session?

Before your appointment we will review your intake form and create a preliminary plan. When you arrive, we'll sit down with you and discuss our plan and adjust based on how you are feeling at the time of your appointment. We'll form a final plan with you and make sure you are informed before we move forward with your care. We encourage you to ask questions and be involved in your care.

Are there any circumstances in which I should avoid massage?

If you have a fever or feel sick or have recently consumed drugs or alcohol, you should not receive massage. Otherwise, massage can be modified to be safe for most situations. For example, if you are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy, you should only receive light massage. 

What if I've experienced trauma and am not always comfortable with being touched?

You always have the right to refuse, terminate, or adjust your massage treatment. We understand it can be difficult to disclose information about previous trauma. To make the experience enjoyable for you, we ask that you disclose where you prefer not to receive massage. You do not need to disclose details of your trauma experience, and we will not pry. What is important for us to know is how to make your massage experience the best it can be.  

Do you help treat terminal or chronic illness?

Massage is a great way to manage and cope with symptoms of chronic illnesses. As medical professionals we are familiar with many pathologies and their conventional treatments, and can help you find a way to make massage a part of your treatment plan. Massage can also bring comfort and peace to those with terminal illnesses, and can be an integral part of palliative care.

Do you accept insurance or HSA for payment?

We do not bill insurance directly, but some insurance plans cover massage therapy and will reimburse you if you submit receipts. (usually up to a certain dollar amount, or a certain number of visits per year). Check your insurance plan for details. Similarly, some HSA accounts cover massage therapy, and you can use your HSA card as a form of payment. Again, please check your specific plan. We can not provide this information for you.

Can I receive prenatal massage before my 2nd trimester?

It is safe for you to receive a modified massage at any time during your pregnancy. It is critical that you tell your massage therapist how far along you are. She will be able to provide a relaxing and appropriate massage. We do require a physician's note if you have a higher risk pregnancy; examples include preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, history of miscarriages, and history of preterm labor. 

We firmly believe that everybody deserves a massage.

We are accepting of all your vulnerabilities.  You are worthy of receiving bodywork and we will make every effort to make sure you feel comfortable on our  table, and in your own skin.

Zero tolerance

We do not tolerate any inappropriate behavior. Sexual innuendos, jokes, inappropriate comments or behavior will be met with immediate termination of your session. You will be asked to leave immediately and a police report will be filed as a record of your behavior. You will not be welcome back and you will be responsible for the full price of your session.

Get in touch

If your question was not answered above, please reach out so we can address your concerns! 

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